Hadassah Hospital introduced Dream Doctors, also known as medical clowns, to Israel in 2002. Today, every major hospital in Israel has dream doctors and they are empowering patients and staff in what is being termed a ‘medical revolution with a happy face’. 

Every dollar we raise buys one minute of a dream doctor’s time at Hadassah. Each minute frees up about three and a half minutes of medical resources for its young patients.

Research shows that medically-trained clowns reduce the stress levels in children, making it easier for medical staff to provide their services, which results in a shorter hospital stay for the children.

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No hospital in Israel has the resources to fund dream doctors out of its operating budget. It might seem ironic given that the clowns make a demonstrable difference to a hospital’s bottom line, but this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. So hospitals rely on donations. If these dry up, the program will be curtailed and, in the worst possible scenario, will be forced to close.

Meet The Clowns

Clowning in the times of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has putting many things on hold, but medical clowning is not one of them. Now more than ever, medical clowns like Dush are helping patients fell connected at a time when feelings of isolation and loneliness are pervasive.