Chikola, 22 years old, is one of four siblings. She made Aliyah with her family when she was just 7. They live together in the family home in Petah Tikvah.  

For as long as she can remember, Chikola has wanted to work directly with people and have a job in which she could help others - a job that has meaning and impact. She is convinced that a career in nursing will provide that. 

With all her living expenses, tuition fees, books, a computer and stationery covered by her scholarship, Chikola is free to fully concentrate on succeeding in her studies.

Living at the university dormitory which has been especially created for the Ethiopian Nursing students, she can study nursing in a supportive environment, one which provides for all of her academic and day-to-day needs. “I am relieved of all the financial and other worries and I can fully, totally concentrate on my studies,” she said.

"I want the donors who support this program to know that it is really impactful. That people really need these scholarships. It’s a huge financial help and it opens the door to the world of higher education and medicine. It’s very helpful for our population - our people need it. We have no way of getting in the door in the regular way. The time and effort needed to pass the psychometric test and Bagrut (matriculation certificate) is not always an option for us, and this program provides another way to make it work." 

I want to thank the Australian donors who have made this possible. You have given hope to our community. That someone so far away should care about us...I have no words to say what that means to me.

Proudly supported by:

Erdi Foundation
Dr Joseph Reich AM
The Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation
Orah Fund

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