Twenty-seven year old Chen is the oldest of three children. When you ask Chen why she chose nursing, she answers simply “Nursing is a profession that is one of total giving, total attention and the knowledge to know how to correctly treat a patient.”

Two years prior to her acceptance into the Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program, Chen worked as a phlebotomist at Magen David’s blood bank. Her job involved doing intake, drawing blood, checking vitals, checking haemoglobin counts and of course, a lot of listening and patience.

Those two years cemented her desire to become a nurse and made her realise how much her skills and temperament made her suited to a career in nursing. But at that time she also became aware of how difficult it was going to be to save enough money to put herself through university.

The Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program provides her with an opportunity to undertake her degree at one of Israel’s leading universities, while also having her living expenses, tuition fees, books, a computer and stationery covered.

When Chen looks back on the preparatory (mechina) year, she realises that while it prepared her for the academic track, it was a challenging year compounded by the coronavirus pandemic which required cultivating new learning approaches and study skills. She grew in her capabilities and is more than ready for the academic program which began in September.

For Chen, the scholarship is absolutely vital as it gives her peace of mind. She does not have to worry about paying for studies or providing for her day-to-day needs.

I thank you dear donors for your help and appreciate that your support is not to be taken for granted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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