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Hadassah's Smiling Room

Hadassah's Smiling Room – in memory of terror victims Natalie Ziskin & Eliyahu Mizrachi Z"L

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in memory of terror victims Natalie Ziskin & Eliyahu Mizrachi Z"L

Natalie and Eli were a simple, straightforward, and good-hearted couple. They got married two years ago, late in life, and had no children. Natalie was a much-loved caregiver at Hadassah Hospital, Mount Scopus.

Erev Shabbat 27 January their good hearts cost them their lives. They were brutally gunned down in a terrorist attack on a synagogue in the Neve Ya'acov neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

On hearing shooting and screaming, Natalie and Eli made a conscious choice to go to the assistance of neighbours who were under attack. It was their natural instinct. They were murdered as they were trying to help.

They died as they lived - concerned for others.


Natalie, 46, who made Aliyah from Belarus in the 1990s, worked at Hadassah Mt Scopus Hospital for over 20 years in the food distribution department. Such was her commitment to patient care, Natalie was learning Arabic so she could chat with Arab patients as well as those who spoke Hebrew and Russian.

And thanks to that devotion, she also met Eli, 49. His mother was hospitalised at Hadassah Hospital and fell in love with Natalie, who gave her food warmly and kind-heartedly. Eli came to visit his sick mother and that's how he and Natalie connected.

In memory of Natalie & Eli Z"L

Nothing can change that reality. What we can do, is honour their heroism in a meaningful way.

Hadassah wants to preserve their memory by dedicating a special “Smiling Room” in Natalie and Eli's honour in the new Gandel Rehabilitation Center at Mount Scopus, Jerusalem. It will be a double patient room which Natalie's co-workers agreed would be a fitting tribute. 

Why a "Smiling Room"? Because that is how all Natalie’s Hadassah colleagues described and remembered her.

Currently at an advanced stage of construction, the new state-of-the-art Gandel Rehabilitation Center is answering a huge need in Jerusalem. It will provide 132 inpatient beds, and extensive outpatient facilities with comprehensive and specialised cutting-edge rehabilitation services to those suffering from disease, illness, accident or injury.


We aim to raise $180,000 to establish The Smiling Room, in memory of Natalie Ziskin and Eliyahu Mizrachi Z"L. Please help make this dream a reality. DONATE NOW.


In Memory

Take part in the Hadassah initiative to honour Natale & Eli Z"L. Every donation, no matter its size, will help make this dream a reality.