“Coming from a strong background in philanthropic relations and medical-research project management, relating to the doctors, scientists and campus directors on our first visit to Hadassah was a natural process.

I was humbled by the professional patient care and different types of medical services Hadassah provides to the various patient groups (regardless of religion, ethnicity, political interests) within its ‘tired’ facilities, and the meaningful reciprocation of humanity between medical staff, patients and their families – it made me eager to return to Australia to address our greatest needs so I can help our medical experts in Australia and Israel solve the most pressing healthcare issues and heal the sick and needy.”

Eric Cheng, VIC Director of Development | [email protected] 

"Walking through the circuitous corridors of Hadassah hospital on our recent visit to Israel, I lost count of the number of Walls of Honour I passed, each covered with plaques bearing the names of individual men and women whose generosity built and sustains this amazing hospital. During the five days I spent at Hadassah I witnessed medical professionals working in a severely underfunded public health care system afflicted by a chronic shortage of health care staff, achieve extraordinary things through the power of philanthropy.

A meeting with the Head of the Paediatric Emergency Department Dr Saar Hashavya was one such example. A Fellowship at Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital generously funded by Australian donors allowed him to absorb key learnings in paediatric emergency health, which he has brought back to Hadassah to improve patient outcomes. He told me that his colleagues in Australia were dumb founded to learn that his department operates with a nurse to patient ratio of 1:25. In Australia they have one nurse for every 3 patients in paediatric emergency. The improvements in practices and procedure that Dr Hashavya learnt during his time in Australia has made an enormous difference to a department beset with such challenges.

Philanthropy is not just supporting the day-today running of the hospital but also empowering a vitally important exchange of knowledge between Israel and Australia. While I was at Hadassah I met with Dr Bella Shadur. This young Australian clinician researcher has spent the last 18 months in Israel working with Prof Polina Stepensky, head of Cancer & Immunotherapy at Hadassah and is about to bring her findings back to Australia. This collaboration between Hadassah Hospital and the Garvan Institute was made possible by the generosity of Australian donors. Needless to say I have come back from my trip invigorated by the possibility  of facilitating further collaborations between Australia and Hadassah."

Rosemary Carrick, NSW Director of Development | [email protected]