Twenty-two year old Belaynesh lives in Haifa with her five siblings and mother, who supports the family by working as a cleaning lady.
One thing that Belaynesh knows about herself is that she loves to help people and wants to contribute to society by helping others. This was confirmed during her national service in one of Israel’s hospitals. Inspired by what she saw, Belaynesh became determined to make nursing her life profession.

The Ethiopian Nursing Scholarship program is a gift wrapped in love. The alternative acceptance criteria developed in conjunction with the Hebrew University marks the first time this revered institution has allowed students to be accepted based on any criteria other than their psychometric score. In doing so, this academic program opened the door to nursing for Belaynesh and some 80- other young Ethiopian-Israelis.

Belaynesh worked hard during her preparatory (mechina) year, and in spite of the move to Zoom lectures, she managed to pass her exams and enter her first year of academic nursing studies, which commenced this October. She attributes her success to the support she received from her fellow students, and the program's director and tutors.

She says that her preparatory year has also provided her with valuable learning, time management and study skills which will hold her in good stead during the next four years of the academic program.

The scholarship is crucial for Belaynesh’s success. “Instead of being distracted emotionally and physically by financial demands to support myself, I can focus fully on my studies," she said.

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