The Bat Ami (Daughter of my People) Center is open 24 hours a day, and has a specialised team of physicians, nurses, social workers and lawyers who can deal with the trauma of abuse in both adults and children. The primary goal of the centre is to return control to the victim.

Before Bat Ami was established in 2009, victims had to go to the general emergency room, where they were often forced to wait much too long; now they are immediately seen by specialists of the Bat Ami team. Clinical studies have shown that the victim’s recovery is highly influenced by how soon after the assault she is seen by those who can help her.

In 2018, Hadassah Australia donors generously donated money to purchase the new, state-of-the-art colposcope for the clinic. The colposcope is making all the difference to survivors of violence and sexual abuse and will help more victims find justice in the courts.

Rise in family violence during Covid-19 lockdown

In July 2020, at the height of Israel’s struggle against COVID-19, lockdowns and re-opening and second wave, there were reports of a rise in inter-family violence and abuse. The Knesset Committee on family violence visited the Bat Ami Center to review Bat Ami’s performance and how it was handling the stormy days.

Bat Ami team with the Knesset Committee

Director, Dr Dvora Bauman, gave the committee members a tour and a presentation which included explaining the importance of the high-tech colposcope, purchased through the generosity of Hadassah Australia donors, in enabling physical evidence to be successfully accepted by the courts.

The Knesset committee was impressed with the work and achievements of the centre and commended the team on their outstanding performance.