Dr Dvora Bauman and her team at the Bat Ami Center for Victims of Violence and Sexual Abuse have sent a warm message of thanks to Hadassah Australia. In 2018, a syndicate of donors led by the Orah Fund generously donated money to purchase the new, state-of-the-art colposcope for the clinic. The colposcope is making all the difference to survivors of violence and sexual abuse and will help more victims find justice in the courts.

Dvora goes on to say that the colposcope is a critical piece of equipment used by her staff to collect forensic evidence from patients who come to the clinic following a sexual attack.  “It allows us to identify and photograph internal injuries not readily visible to the naked eye. The images produced by this equipment are vitally important because they can be submitted as legal evidence of an assault should the victim decide to press charges at that time or in the future.”

 “We had to wait many months for the ordered colposcope to arrive from the manufacturer and be  installed. Because the images captured by the colposcope are instantly transmitted to a secure cloud-based site separate to the hospital’s system so they can be stored securely and without risk of tampering for up to 4 years – getting the set-up right was vitally important but also time consuming.

 But now that we are finally able to use our wonderful new colposcope it is a cause for major celebration in our department! The colposcope we were using up till now was so antiquated that defence lawyers were starting to dispute the photographic evidence it provided due to the poor quality of the images produced. Can you imagine the heart-break for our patients if their case was jeopardised due to such a technicality?

We had applied to the hospital and to the Ministry of Health for a grant to secure a new colposcope, but no one was able to help us.  We thought the situation was hopeless until our wonderful Hadassah Australia friends came to our aid. We want you to know that your generosity is going to make a big difference to the vulnerable young men and women who we treat at one of the worst possible times in their lives. To all of you who helped us, we send our heart -felt appreciation for your kindness and compassion”.

Dr Mushira Abu Dia’s visit to Australia

Hadassah Australia hosted one of Israel’s fearless advocates against sexual abuse and domestic violence. Her story is empowering and compelling, and was not to be missed. She spoke in Melbourne on Sunday 19th August 2018, and Sydney on Thursday 23rd August 2018.

At the request of Dr Aboo Dia and her colleagues at the Bat Ami Center, money raised from her visit to Australia will be dedicated to purchase of the latest colposcopy equipment. This provides photo and video documentation for cases involving adolescent and adult sexual abuse victims.

The specific unit is the CIN FINDER 3000 Colposcopy System, developed by Israeli company, DYN R&D, which will need finance of AUD$40,000. Details of the system at dyn-rnd.com/cin-finder-3000-eng. This state-of-the-art equipment will speed up the process of evaluation and lessen trauma for victims. It will replace current equipment which is more than 15 years old.

Dr Mushira Aboo Dia

MD (Hebrew University–Hadassah Medical School Jerusalem), BScMedical Science (Hebrew University), MPA – Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Dr Mushira Aboo Dia is a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Hadassah Medical Center. Apart from being a senior physician in the delivery room, Mushira is one of the doctors on call at the Bat Ami Sexual Assault treatment center. She did a two-year training program with Haruv Institute to diagnose, identify and treat physical and sexual abuse in children.

In 2014 she was appointed as the administrative director of women’s health in the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem by Leumit health services, where she worked for two years. She also works in the high risk pregnancy clinic in the women’s health center of Clalit health services in Beit Shemesh. Mushira is the co-chairperson of Physicians for Human Rights Israel where she has been volunteering in the open and mobile clinics since 2004. She also volunteers with teenagers in Jerusalem’s Family Planning Educational and Counseling Center.

She was born and raised in Ramla and lives in Jerusalem. She recently came back from a year in the US where she did her Master in Public Administration in Harvard Kennedy School of Government, as part of the Wexner Israeli Fellowship.