Twenty-four year old Aschilla was born in Dudo, a small farming village in Ethiopia. Whenshe was five years old her family made Aliyah and began a new life in Haifa.

Aschilla discovered her passion for anatomy and biology as early as elementary school and decided then that she wanted to make medicine her profession. Following her military service, where she served in the Jerusalem Border Patrol unit, she started to work to save money towards an academic degree in the healthcare field.

Neither of Aschilla's parents work, so she knew if she wanted to make her dream come true, it was solely up to her. But it wasn't long before Aschilla realised that it would take her many years to save enough money to be able to go to university. She began to worry that her longed-for career might be out of reach. Then she heard about the Ethiopian Nursing Scholarships.

With all her expenses covered by her scholarship, Aschilla is free to fully concentrate on succeeding in her studies. Her goal is to work as a trauma coordinating nurse, dealing with patients suffering from terrorist attacks, traffic accidents and work-related accidents. Saving people’s lives is her heartfelt ambition.

Today, having successfully completed her pre-academic preparatory (mechina) program, she is studying full time at the Henrietta Szold Hebrew University School of Nursing and is finally on track to fulfilling her lifelong dream.

This is a good opportunity for me to say thank you to you dear donors who have granted me financial security and peace of mind. This is a special gift for me, as neither I nor my family are able to afford the expenses related to gaining a degree.

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