A therapeutic program for children in hospital

In conjunction with Hadassah Hospital’s Director of Paediatric Education and Therapy Services (Edna Pinchower) and the Chairman of Department of Paediatrics (Prof Eitan Kerem), the Journey to Hospital Land program has been developed by Melbourne based award-winning author and child and adult psychologist, Esther Takac.

It is designed for the Israeli hospital system, which provides a unique cross cultural environment where religious Jews, secular Jews, Muslim and Christian Israeli Arabs and Palestinians spend time together. This provides a real window of opportunity for getting to know ‘the other’ and reducing fear, mistrust and stereotypes.

The program has three components…

1. ‘Yoni’s journey to Hospital Land’

A therapeutic storybook which helps children manage the hospital experience (including pain management, relaxation breathing and cognitive behaviour therapy strategies tailored for children).

2. ‘Parents’ Guide to Hospital Land’

Providing ideas for parents to support their child through the hospitalisation experience.

3. A Hospital Land website

A place for children to share experiences and gather ideas.