To encourage Ethiopian-Israelis to complete their higher education in nursing, Hadassah, together with several organisations, has developed the ‘Achotenu’ Scholarship Program. Meaning ‘our sister’ or ‘our nurse’ in Hebrew, it provides an alternative pathway for young Ethiopian-Israelis, female and male, to enter the university degree program. The nursing admissions committee identifies candidates who are highly motivated, believe in themselves and their capabilities, have an aptitude for healthcare as a profession, and feel passionate about nursing.

Marginalised and underprivileged Ethiopian Israelis require a pathway to full integration and economic prosperity. The Achotenu Scholarship Program provides the means by which members of this community can gain access to a tertiary nursing degree and by extension, access to a steady and stable income. Hadassah Australia will administer the scholarship annually and provide a progress update from each scholarship recipient prior to each of the three annual installment payments.