Israeli programmers volunteer to help develop app for Alzheimer's patients

Israeli hi-tech programmers work in conjunction with Doctors and Psychologists at Hadassah Hospital and Harvard University to develop an app that diagnoses early stage Alzheimer's Disease Read more

Ptosis Surgery at Hadassah Saves Sight of Four-Month-Old Infant

How a 4-month old infant suffering from severe congenital ptosis had her eyesight saved by the Hadassah Hospital's Pediatric Ophthalmology Unit. Read more

The school that helps you forget your cancer

With her eyes sparkling with excitement, five-year-old Osher Tubiyan said goodbye to Hadassah’s hospitalized children’s school. After eight months of hospitalization due to Leukemia, Osher is going home. She said, “I had a lot of fun studying here, and I got balloons on my last day!” Read more

At Hadassah, this clown is part of the medical team

One moment, he's playing catch with a kid. The next, he's humorously helping distract a woman experiencing labor pains. Later, he's at the bedside of a senior citizen, bringing a smile to their face. He goes by the nickname "Dush". Read more

Israeli text-messaging program helps smokers quit

Researchers from Hadassah, the Hebrew University, the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps, and the Israel Cancer Association have shown for the first time that a text-based cessation program can help soldiers stop smoking. Read more

First-of-its-kind operation in Jerusalem saves newborn's life

The delivery room team realized there was a problem with the baby, due to respiratory distress. An ultra sound showed a diaphragmatic hernia. The baby was put on a respiratory device to stabilize her condition while the doctors prepared for the procedure. Read more

Happiness in the intensive care unit

For the last few weeks, I have been treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, following a liver transplant for which I waited many years. As it worked out, getting the life-saving liver and celebrating my son's joyous wedding happened around the same time. Read more

Rare disease creates bond between Israeli and Palestinian patients

Prof. Michael Wilshansky, Director of the Pediatric Gastroenterology Unit at Hadassah, explains that the syndrome the two babies suffer from is most rare: there are only 30 children worldwide who suffer from it. Read more

Hadassah surgeons turn 'hopeless' case into medical success story

Baby Ruth was born at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem weighing almost 10 lbs. “Everything about her birth was more magical because she wasn’t supposed to be born,” said Malka. Read more

Cardiac catheterization first of its kind in Israel

For the first time in Israel, a cardiac catheterization was successfully performed this week at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem on a fragile, premature infant weighing just under two pounds (860 grams). Read more

When gender is ambiguous

“If a baby is born with external organs that are not completely male or female, it’s considered an emergency situation. Hadassah’s experts would fix this gender misdiagnosis, enabling the family to raise their child in synch with his biology." Read more

Hadassah physician solves a medical mystery

Prof. Mevorach is the only doctor who treats this deadly mutation; he receives monthly requests for diagnosis from patients throughout the world. From the beginning, Prof. Mevorach’s hunch was that the disease was connected to the body’s “complement system,” which works to identify and destroy bacteria and viruses. Read more

Hadassah researchers identify defective genetic pathway leading to heart abnormality

Researchers in the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Division of Cardiology, after studying a large group of people from Israel and France, have identified 28 families with a genetic abnormality that is a genetic pathway to the most common congenital heart malformation: a bicuspid aortic valve. Read more

Ambassador from Nepal visits Hadassah looking for future partnerships

On April 4th, Her Excellency Dr. Anjan Shakya, the Ambassador of Nepal to Israel, visited Hadassah to explore the possibilities of future partnerships between her country and Hadassah. Read more

Pre-clinical study by Hadassah Neurologists sheds light on major player in Alzheimer's disease

Prof. Tamir Ben-Hur, head of the Division of Clinical Neurosciences at Hadassah Hospital, reveals that stem cells which reside in the brain may play an important role in protecting some people from Alzheimer’s disease. Read more

Israeli pediatric doctors will be trained to look beyond the flu

The Goshen Project promotes 'Holistic pediatricians' who can treat sleep disorders, attention deficit disorders, weight problems and bed-wetting through detecting developmental and behavioral issues in the early years. Read more

When is the perfect time to deliver a baby?

Revolutionary research done by Dr. Asnat Walfisch, Head of the Obstetrics/Gynecology Department of Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem (Mount Scopus), has revealed the relationship between a child’s long term health and early term birth. Read more

Ethiopian Ambassador visits Hadassah for the first time

Hadassah has had a strong program for cooperation and reaching out to Ethiopia that reaches back for over 20 years, with the Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Mr. Reta Alemu, visiting Hadassah Hospital for the first time to learn about Hadassah and it’s many achievements. Read more

Historic visit: Brazilian federal senator Flavio Bolsonaro visits Hadassah Hospital

Federal Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, the eldest son of the President of Brazil, made an historic groundbreaking visit to Hadassah Medical Organization’s Ein Kerem campus today as part of the official Brazilian Presidential delegation to Israel, demonstrating the exceptional relationship that Brazil is developing with the State of Israel. Read more

Strengthening infection protection: Hadassah outreach in Ethiopia

With a mission to help strengthen infection prevention and control at Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital in Mekelle, Ethiopia, infectious disease specialists from the Hadassah Hospital recently paid a visit to offer their help. Read more

Fellowship a breath of fresh air for Hadassah researcher

Dr Oded Breuer, a physician/clinician at Hadassah Hospital, will complete his two-year paediatric respiratory fellowship at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMHC) in Perth in April, 2019. PMHC is a world leader in the treatment and management of Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Read more

Hadassah genetic research demystifies causes of day blindness in families

In Israel, where one out of every three citizens is a carrier for genetic mutations that can cause blindness, genetic counseling is important to reduce the prevalence of eye disease in the country. Hadassah has successfully identified the genetic sources for over half of our patients with eye diseases. Read more

New successful Aortic Aneurysm treatment breakthrough

A senior interventional cardiologist at Hadassah Medical Organization, Dr. Planer has played a key role in developing a new exploratory method of treating aortic arch aneurysms, a life-threatening condition with limited therapeutic options. Read more

No ovaries? Mystery solved by Hadassah Hospital Endocrinologist

Through full gene sequencing, Prof. Zangen and his collaborative team, including Prof. Levy-Lahad at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Dr. Offer Gerlitz at the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Medicine, discovered that both sisters had the same mutation on the BRCA2 gene. Read more