Hadassah to supply 700,000 bottles of hand sanitiser to Israeli health system

Given Israel’s shortage of alcohol-based cleansing gel, Hadassah Hospital has expanded the production of Hadassol, its in-house hand sanitiser. Read more

Life inside the Hadassah coronavirus isolation ward

What can a patient expect in the Coronavirus Outbreak Ward at the Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem, housed in a separate building away from the rest of the hospital activities? Read more

To the ends of the earth

Hadassah Hospital prides itself on always going the extra mile in medical care, but oncology nurse Tamar Madson-Grossman traveled more than most to give joy to a 37-year-old patient in his final days. Read more

Doctor uses his cartoonist skills to explain coronavirus to patients

'You can see it helps put them at ease,' said Dr. Momen Abbasi of Hadassah Hospital in Israel. Read more

Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah Teens Maintain Bond with Holocaust Survivors

For the last year and a half, Esther Mikonen and Rachel Mengisto, teenagers from Hadassah’s Meir Shfeya Youth Village, have brought food before Shabbat to Holocaust survivors in nearby neighborhoods. In the current climate, they are finding new ways to stay in touch. Read more

Israeli woman with coronavirus gives birth at Hadassah

The 35-year-old was taken directly to a specially prepared, isolated room where she gave birth with the help of two protected midwives. Read more

COVID-19 and Hadassah Australia

The vital role that Hadassah Hospital has played for more than a century in protecting the health and wellbeing of ALL Israelis is being demonstrated once again during this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world. Read more

A Hadassah cardiologist, a new baby, and a parking lot

On his way into Hadassah Ein Kerem to perform an emergency heart catheterization, Prof Ronen Beeri was hailed in the parking lot by a man who needed help of a different kind. Read more

Hadassah Announces Ground-Breaking Global Computational Pipeline for Genetic-Mutation Analysis

A new Hadassah study is breaking the paradigm on vision loss by identifying the carriers of the gene that causes it. Read more

Hadassome: Hadassah’s exome database that unlocks the door to disease detection

When you visit Hadassah Medical Organization as a patient, you have the potential to help others by contributing your unique genetic code to a database of thousands. Read more

Blind massage therapist identifies cancer patients by their voice

Osnat Bublil lost vision at young age, but did not give up studying to become massage therapist; currently works with patients at Hadassah. Read more

Hadassah Doctor Flies to Japan to Monitor First Israelis with Coronavirus

A doctor from Hadassah is making his way to Japan after the Israel Health Ministry asked him to oversee the treatment of at least three Israelis said to have tested positive for Coronavirus. Read more

Jungle Scene Enlivens Pediatric Trauma Waiting Area at Hadassah

Colorful toucans, zebras, and giraffes form the backdrop for cuddly stuffed animals like monkeys and lions in the new pediatric trauma waiting room at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem. Wooden toys invite to play for younger patients, and a video gaming room with soccer-shaped chairs engages older kids. A library with story-books helps distract the children, while parents prepare drinks in the kitchenette. Read more... Read more

Hadassah’s Endometriosis Clinic Puts Women’s Lives Back on Track

From the time she was 12 years old, Nitzan Bernstein lived with chronic pain, but it wasn’t until she turned 28 that she was diagnosed with endometriosis. Today, Ms Bernstein, 31, volunteers as a patient advocate with Hadassah Medical Center’s new Endometriosis Clinic. Read more

Genetic Testing at Hadassah Prevents Inheriting Incurable Eye Diseases

For the Ben-Zion* family, retinitis pigmentosa is a fact of life. A genetic disorder that causes loss of peripheral vision and poor night vision, retinitis pigmentosa often leads to blindness. Numerous Ben-Zions inherited the disorder, but family member Ilana,* 39, wanted to make absolutely sure her children would have full eyesight. Read more... Read more

Hadassah’s Chaim Lotan Named to Chinese Med-tech Advisory Board

A leading transcatheter heart valve medical device company in China has appointed Prof. Chaim Lotan, immediate past director of the Hadassah Medical Center’s Heart Institute, to its global med-tech advisory board. Read more

Hadassah Doctor Discovers Gene That Helps Avoid Heart Defects

The number of children born with serious heart defects is in decline in the US, Europe, and even in most of Israel. Not so in Jerusalem. When most parents are told in the second trimester of pregnancy that their baby will be born with catastrophic heart defects, they decide to terminate the pregnancy. In Jerusalem, because of the religious beliefs of large swaths of the Muslim and Jewish populations, many parents reject abortion, even though it’s legal in such situation. Read more. Read more

Secret of the Heart

She was walking the grounds of an Israeli college when she collapsed. At 24, she was dead. Weeks later, her paternal first cousin, aged 13, died during the night. With two closely related tragedies, Hadassah Medical Center geneticists and physicians joined forces to establish the cause. Using the latest technology, they discovered a genetic mutation that is responsible for a fatal aortic rupture. Read more. Read more

Canonic Will Conduct Pre-Clinical Studies into Cannabis at Hadassah

Canonic, a subsidiary of the biotechnology company Evogene Ltd., has announced an agreement with Hadasit, the Hadassah Medical Center’s Technology Transfer Company, to perform pre-clinical studies to support Canonic’s development of anti-inflammatory medical cannabis products. The work will be conducted by the laboratory of Hadassah’s Prof. Reuven Or, where his research team will screen Canonic’s cannabis core collection, using inflammatory in-vitro models. Read more

Restoring Quality of Life at Hadassah’s Rehab Department

Hadassah’s rehabilitation department opened on the Mount Scopus campus in 1976. A new facility, also at Mount Scopus, is now under construction, in an initiative led by Hadassah International. “I started my residency in the department in 1995, two years after my aliyah from Russia,” Dr. Isabella Schwartz recounted. “I fell in love with the possibilities of rehab, its ongoing search for new solutions.” Read more Read more

Hadassah-Microsoft team diagnoses Parkinson's, raising ethical dilemmas

In a recently published article in the prestigious journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, Hadassah Medical Organization doctors working with Microsoft researchers reported they were often able to diagnose Parkinson’s disease simply from the way people seeking information about the disease typed on their computer and moved their mouse. Read more

Hadassah Australia deplores the appointment of Yaakov Litzman MK as Israeli Minister for Health

PRESS RELEASE: Hadassah Australia condemns the appointment of Yaakov Litzman MK to the position of Health Minister in Israel. Read more

Hadassah experts offer information and advice on infant sleep issues

Recently, Dr. Gileles-Hillel, along with pediatric colleagues from Hadassah Dr. Ira Erlichman and Dr. Joel Reiter, authored an article that was published in the Journal of Child Science, which provides an up-to-date summary of recent advances in understanding the pathophysiology of what is called apnea of prematurity (AOP) and what physicians and staff who treat infants with AOP need to know. Read more

After years of unidentified pain, teenager finds relief at Hadassah

A very active, athletic 17-year-old girl arrived at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem complaining of pain in her stomach. She had no idea there was a massive growth in her abdomen that weighed more than six pounds. Read more