Hadassah gastroenterologists remove padlock from child’s stomach

The medical team decided to do an endoscopy, knowing full well that if it didn't work, Tommy would need surgery. Read more

A 74-year-old undergoes back surgery at Hadassah while fully awake

Because of David Avital's condition, Hadassah’s surgeons decided to perform a less invasive procedure while Avital was fully awake, using only local anesthesia. Hadassah is the only hospital in Israel that offers this surgical option. Read more

Prof Dana Wolf's fight against viruses in Israel

Researchers at Hadassah, led by Prof Dana Wolf, are closing in on the maternal-to-fetal viral spread and new antiviral approaches that will change the outcome of congenital infection forever. Read more

Dr Shaden Salameh-Youssef: Saving lives and giving hope

Dr Shaden decided she wanted to be a doctor at age 10 after her grandfather suffered a heart attack in their village near Nazareth where there was no immediate medical treatment available. Today she leads the Emergency Medicine Department at Hadassah and has set her sights on expanding and improving the emergency room. Read more

Hadassah Australia's Ethiopian Nursing Scholarships are opening doors

Daniella Maharat, recipient of a Hadassah Australia Ethiopian Nursing scholarship, just completed the intensive studies program in preparation of her four-year nursing degree. Read more

New Medication Based on Cell Therapy developed by Hadassah Doctor Helps Severe and Critical COVID-19 patients at HMO

An experimental treatment is creating hope after five out of the five Covid-19 intensive care patients who received it were discharged. Read more

The little things can make a big difference: Mental health during the COVID pandemic

Health care experts from across Australia and Israel discussed on Monday some of the mental health consequences of COVID-19 and the practical ways to support one another through this crisis. Read more

Israeli hospital enlists recovered coronavirus patients as volunteers for COVID-19 ward

Hadassah Hospital is running a pilot program in which recovered coronavirus patients volunteer to help those currently hospitalized with COVID-19 Read more

Video: Dush the medical clown's work continues amid the coronavirus pandemic

The world's most recognisable medical clown Dush shows us how he gets ready work at Hadassah Hospital in the days of coronavirus. No pandemic can stop Dush putting a smile on his patients' faces. Read more

Big beards create challenge at Hadassah

Australian-expat and Director of Hadassah’s General Intensive Care Unit Prof Vernon van Heerden explained how the hospital works with religious leaders to approve shaving the beards of COVID-19 patients who need to be ventilated. Read more

Hadassah Physician-Scientists Are Showcased at Global Press Conference

At an August 6 press conference hosted by Hadassah International, four of the 19 Hadassah Medical Organization physician-scientists who received research grants this year from the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) presented their latest work. Read more

She had a greater impact on women's heart health in Israel than any doctor

Last month, we lost a woman who has had a greater impact on women’s heart health in Israel than any doctor around the world – but most Israelis do not know her name - Ms. Irene Pollin Read more

A non-COVID love story

With the chaos surrounding us, you could be forgiven for thinking that every hospital admission is related to COVID-19. In reality, hospitals are dealing with many other critical and chronic issues. Few hold our interest in the same way that a pandemic does, but here is one exception. Read more

Opening our eyes to the world of an autistic child

Soon after birth, Yitzhak E was diagnosed with severe autism. As he grew, evidence of that autism was more pronounced. But it was only when the young boy had his eyes checked at the age of six, common with all children in Israel at that age, he was found to have lost his sight. Read more

Nurses in the Middle East

US-born Julie Benbenishty, Nurse Coordinator of Hadassah Hospital’s Trauma Unit and co-founder of Nurses in the Middle East (NME), is advocating for healthier communities through care, compassion and understanding. Read more

Fellowship in times of COVID

Hadassah-trained medico, Rani Haj Yahya, arrived in Australia in January 2020 just before the coronavirus pandemic struck. He will return after completing advanced training in the Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. His visit follows a similar route to the one travelled by previous Hadassah Fellows. Read more

My brush with COVID-19

Hadassah Australia long-term friend and Committee Member, Michael Krape, discovered the real impact of the our Ethiopian nursing scholarships after an unplanned visit to Hadassah Hospital’s emergency room earlier this year. Read more

Bursting the Corona bubble

Quite apart from new learnings about the epidemiology of viral infections, we are also witnessing a rise in wild theories. But some of these are worth pursuing, including a clinical trial involving Hadassah Hospital and SodaStream. Read more

Hadassah researchers secure 75% of Science Foundation awards

Researchers at the Hadassah received six of the eight coveted awards granted this year by the Israel Science Foundation, the Israeli agency that supports breakthrough basic science in various fields of knowledge. Read more