Australian Delegation to Dream Doctors

The delegation included the CEO, National Program Director and a Board Member from the Starlight Children’s Foundation, as well as a representative from our National Sponsor, William Buck. Read more

Nurse Libbee's Hadassah Journey

The hallways of Hadassah Hospital tell the ongoing history of the City of Jerusalem and thousands of personal stories too. Read more

Opening-my-heart surgery

Medical Clown, Nechama (Boola-Boola), shares her journey about becoming a dream doctor. Read more

Editorial: an uncertain calm

The headlines screamed ‘ROCKETS FALL SILENT’ followed by ‘CALM WAS RESTORED’. The reality, as Hadassah Hospital’s Professor Esti Galili-Weisstub tells us, is that while the first headline is a welcome statement of fact, the second lacks nuance.  And we ignore that at our peril. Read more

Meet our new Directors of Development: Reflections from Hadassah Hospital

Meet our two new Development Directors, Eric Cheng in Melbourne and Rosemary Carrick in Sydney. First impressions: wow, it’s really more than a hospital – fantastic people doing amazing clinical work, great research and wonderful outreach programs! Read more

This Israeli hospital serves everyone, regardless of religion or state

At Hadassah, one of the largest hospitals in Israel, there is an open-door policy for anyone in need. Whatever conflict may be going on outside, it stops at the hospital’s front doors. Read more